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See our fantastic Tracy Costello, Counsellor / Facilitator taking part in this video to promote the vital Merseyside Women's Fund:

The full video can be seen on YouTube:

From the Community Foundation for Merseyside

A fund created by women to support women. 

The Community Foundation for Merseyside Women’s Fund vision is simple: To create a fund to support women in Merseyside. To address key issues and eliminate the barriers that affect girls and women in our community. 

Together we can help women feel safe, empowered and confident when confronted by abuse, isolation, discrimination or lack of opportunities and support. 

We work in partnership with the leaders of local charities and grass roots community groups who deal with issues that undermine the quality of life and futures of women. Our community research has highlighted a number of key issues faced by women in Merseyside, our aim is for the fund to address four core themes:


Responding to the difficult times when women's support services are under financial pressure The Community Foundation for Merseyside is making a long term commitment by seeking to significantly grow the fund so that we can help more women to achieve their potential now and in the future. 

You can help the Women’s Fund have even greater impact in addressing the many challenges facing women today. Anyone and any organisation can donate any amount to the fund. Together we can make a difference to the lives of women in Merseyside.

To donate or for more information:

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